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Maca Large Capcity Ovens
Maca Dutch Ovens
Made in India

These are taking about
3 weeks to get now!!
   May 10, 2013 Effective immediately, MACA Supply Company is discontinuing our line of Dutch Ovens.

Large Capacity! These are large specialty ovens designed with cooking for groups in mind. We have roasted two 22 pound turkeys side by side in the 22" oven and one 21 pound turkey in the 17" oven with room to spare.

All Dutch Ovens Come With the Lids!!!
Size: 9"
Deep: 6"
5 qts.
Eagle design on top of lid. -
Picture of Lid & Dutch Oven

Great for small servings. Depth 6" Quarts 5
Cast Iron - 18 lbs. total weight
Perfect for cooking a main dish for a small group or a Side Dish for a large group.
Aluminum weight 8 lbs.

Shipping $37.00 and $24.00
Cast Iron


Size: 11"
Deep: 6.5"
9 qts.
Buffalo design on top of lid. -
Picture of Lid & Dutch Oven

Perfect for desserts or side dishes. 6 1/2" deep 9 qts.
Cast Iron - 26 lbs. total weight
Small Enough for a side dish, Large enough for a meal. Just right for cobblers, upside down cakes and other deserts. Good size for medium sized groups or Family Gatherings, BBQ Chicken or Cheese Potatoes
Aluminum - 10 lbs.

Shipping $48.00 and $27.00
Cast Iron
Sorry Sold Out & Discontinued!


Size: 13"
Deep: 6.5"
12 qts.
Deer design on top of lid. -
Picture of Lid & Dutch Oven

Main dishes up to 38 servings, side dishes upon 64 servings, whole chickens, bunt cake, crown roasts or small turkeys. -
Cast Iron - 40 lbs. total weight
Total Height = 11.25"
Versatile, Family Sized and Easy to Handle. The favorite because it is small enough to tote around wherever you go but large enough to feed everyone around the campfire.
Aluminum - 13 lbs.

Shipping $64.00 and $31.00
Now $124.99

Cast Iron


Size: 15"
Deep: 7.5"
18 qts.
Fishing design on top of lid. -
Picture of Lid & Dutch Oven

Main dishes up to 50 servings, side dishes up to 85 servings, crown roast, ham & large groups.
Cast Iron - 46 lbs. total weight
Total Height = 11.5"
Large enough for 12-15 lb. turkeys, Family Reunions or Scout. Wonderful size because it is big enough to feed large groups yet small enough that it is still easy to use for Tailgate Camping or to bring with you to a Backyard BBQ.
Aluminum - 17 lbs.

Shipping $70.00 and $36.00
Size: 17"
Deep: 9"
29 qts.
Elk design on top of lid. -
Picture of Lid & Dutch Oven

Main dishes 96 servings to 160 servings, turkeys up to 25 lbs., prime ribs up to 16 lbs. & large groups.
Cast Iron -67 lbs. total weight
Total Height = 13"
This one cooks it all, and a lot of it. The oven for catering, large family reunions and scouting retreats. This oven makes the impossible, possible.
Aluminum - 23 lbs.

Shipping $90.00 and $44.00
Size: 22"
Deep: 9.5"
45 qts.
Wagon design on top of lid. - Picture of Lid & Dutch Oven
Main dishes to 200 servings, side dishes to 325 servings, turkeys to 50 lbs., prime ribs to 24 lbs., & small armies.
Cast Iron -160 lbs. total weight
Total Height = 13.5"
In charge of cooking at the Klondike for all 45 troops of Scouts or the Big Family Reunion Dinner that reaches well past your family tree? This oven is for you. The leading ooh and aah getter at Dutch Oven Shows can cook a 50 pound Turkey, two 18 pound roasts with room for more potatoes, carrots and onions than you would ever need, or a stew to literally feed the masses.

Shipping from $125.00 to $175.00
Size: 8"x12"
Deep: 7"
8 qts.
Oval shaped - Ram Design - Picture of Lid & Dutch Oven
Includes a re moveable divider that separates the oven into 2 sections. The cook can prepare two dishes at the same time. Desserts with your entree. 7" deep 8 Qts.
Cast Iron - 32 lbs. total weight
Inside measurements: 12" Across, 7" Deep, to the divider is 5 3/4"
Divider size: 7 3/4" Top, 6.5" at the Bottom, and 6.5" Tall
Outside Measurements with handles: 14.5" across, 9" wide, 9" tall with out lid, and 12" tall with the lid.
The oval shape and small size is perfect for hams and small birds as the cooking surface is closer to the meat.
Works great for breads and Meats or line one side for cobblers or upside down cakes with your main dish on the other.
Coming with the Plain Lids Now = No Design on Lid
Shipping $56.00
Reg. $119.95
Cast Iron

Size: 10"x14"
Deep: 8"
14 qts.
Oval shaped - Longhorn Design - Picture of Lid & Dutch Oven
Includes a removable divider that separates the oven into 2 sections. The cook can prepare two dishes at the same time. Ham on one side and yams on the other. 8" deep 14 qts.
Cast Iron - 45 lbs. total weight
The oval shape and size is works well for hams and birds as the cooking surface is closer to the meat. All the same benefits of the 8 x 12" oval but nearly twice the volume. A great companion to your 13" MACA oven.

These Dutch Ovens will not ship until May 2015 sometime. We are waiting for the dividers to be made in India!!
Shipping $69.00
Size: 12"x16"
Deep: 9"
20 qts.
Oval shaped - Elk Design - Picture of Lid
Main dishes-60 servings, Side dishes-95 servings.
Cast Iron-62 lbs total weight
The oval shape and large size is designed for a large Turkey. It will perfectly cook a 20lb Turkey to perfection. There is no divider option on this oven. This Oven is easier to move around because of its oval design than a round oven of the same volume.

Shipping $80.00

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